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Mul-Apin is a composite text that can be thought of as a general compendium dealing with many diverse aspects of celestial divination.The first sections of tablet 1 list all the mainstream Babylonian constellations along with the deities associated with them. … Continue reading

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PUBLISHER’S UPDATE: ‘Babylonian Star-Lore’ is to be updated and republished with full text and illustration references by late 2014 ___________________________________________________________ BABYLONIAN STAR-LORE An Illustrated Guide to the Stars & Constellations of Ancient Babylonia by Gavin White Today our most obvious … Continue reading

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A Brief Guide to the Babylonian Constellations

    The following notes describe the essential meanings of the 50 or so mainstream constellations found in the Babylonian tradition. For more information on these and other less well-known stars and constellations the reader is referred to ‘Babylonian Star-lore, An … Continue reading

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Map 2. Full Reconstruction of the Babylonian Star-Map

Map 2 draws on a wide range of sources including the Greek Star-map, the Dendera Zodiacs and medieval Arabian traditions, to produce a complete reconstruction of the Babylonian heavens. This is, I believe, the first concerted attempt to reconstruct the … Continue reading

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Map 1. Provisional Reconstruction of the Babylonian Star-Map

The following illustration is a provisional reconstruction of the Babylonian star-map that only utilises Babylonian evidence. Most of the remaining gaps can only be filled by resorting to sources found outside of the ancient Near East – this additional material … Continue reading

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Reconstructing the Babylonian Star-Map

The ultimate aim of this site is to make a reconstruction of the Babylonian star-map, as it would have been known in the 1st millennium BCE. This particular time-frame has been chosen for the simple reason that the earliest copies … Continue reading

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Solaria Publications is a small independent publisher based in London, England. Our goal as a publisher is to make available a variety of titles that concentrate on ancient religion and spirituality. Our specific area of interest could be broadly defined … Continue reading

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