Solaria Publications is a small independent publisher based in London, England. Our goal as a publisher is to make available a variety of titles that concentrate on ancient religion and spirituality. Our specific area of interest could be broadly defined as ‘Heaven and Earth’, ie archaic man’s view of himself within the greater cosmos. In particular we are interested in works exploring the mythical and symbolic lore associated with the stars and constellations, as well as the lore of sacred calendars and the astral aspects of ancient religions.

Three publications are available to date:

BABYLONIAN STAR-LORE – An Illustrated Guide to the Star-lore and Constellations of Ancient Babylonia (2008) Currently out of print, to be revised and republished before the end of 2014

THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN – A New Interpretation of the Goddess in Ancient Near Eastern Art (2013)

QUEEN OF THE NIGHT – The Role of the Stars in the Creation of the Child (2014)

One of the overarching aims of all Solaria publications is the desire to place mankind at the centre of a meaningful cosmos. In this we hope to be true to the spirit of Orpheus, who declared the nature of man as ‘a child of the Earth and of Starry Heaven, but whose origin lies in Heaven alone’.


Please feel free to contact Solaria Publications at:

(this email link has been malfunctioning so if you have tried to contact me over the last few months my apologies – please try again using the email address direct)


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  1. Göran Johansson says:

    What is wrong? For months it has been impossible to contact you via e-mail.

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