Queen of the Night

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Queen of the Night

 The Role of the Stars in the Creation of the Child

In Queen of the Night, author Gavin White develops a radial new theory of how the prehistoric peoples of the Near East conceived of the heavens that circled above them. Drawing on ancient art and design, the author elucidates the symbolism of the principal constellations of the zodiac, and furthermore explores the nature of the planets that weave their way around the skies. In doing so, he uncovers the basis of a perennial philosophy that lies at the very heart of ancient astrology, mythology and early religion.

Author: Gavin White     Pages: 216

244 black & white drawings

 Publisher: Solaria Publications      Publication date: 11 June 2014

10 digit ISBN: 0955903731   13 digit ISBN: 978-0-9559037-3-1

Dimensions: 190mm x 246mm x 10mm

Wholesale: Available in the UK from Bertrams and Gardners at wholesale discount (55%)

 Available in the USA from Ingram and Baker & Taylor at wholesale discount (55%) on a returnable basis

RRP: $24.00, £16.00, €18.00


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