Gavin’s Artwork

AegirThe Norse Giant of the seas, Aegir

A-S BirdSaxon bird

A-S BirdsSaxon birds

GunnloddGunnlod, a Norse giantess associated with the mead of inspiration

IrminsulThe folk tree Irminsul

I The MagusThe Magus

Odin colourOdin

Viking tree & dragonViking dragons & Tree

winged sage shadedNeo-Assyrian sage with invocation for a helpful spirit in Sumerian script

XI StrengthStrength


Geometric mobilesmobile-2


2 Responses to Gavin’s Artwork

  1. Absolutely love your art work, Gavin! Here and in your books. As I read your books, I study each drawing which I very much appreciate since I used to be an artist and taught art in the schools. Before astrology, that is. No time for both now.

  2. theradicali says:

    great stuff …

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