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Illustration References for Babylonian Star-lore

ILLUSTRATION REFERENCES BSL-2. A few sources are still missing. All illustrations are redrawn by the author. The picture sources are as follows: Original – Gavin White. Loosely based on the ‘Babylonian Map of the World’ – see Horowitz 1998, pages … Continue reading

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Bibliography for Babylonian Star-lore

BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SOURCES Allen 1963. Star Names. Their Lore and Meaning. Dover. Alster 1976. On the Earliest Sumerian Literary Tradition. Journal for Cuneiform Studies 28. Annus 2002, The God Ninurta. Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project. As-Sufi 1954. Uranometry or Suwaru’l-Kawakib. Osmania … Continue reading

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Reference Notes to Babylonian Star-lore, 2nd Edition

NOTES TO BSL-2 Paragraphs (§) are numbered from the start of each gazette section and where the text continues they are numbered from the top of the page. The boxed sections are referred to as ‘Name-boxes’ and are not included … Continue reading

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