PUBLISHER’S UPDATE: ‘Babylonian Star-Lore’ is to be updated and republished with full text and illustration references by late 2014


An Illustrated Guide to the Stars & Constellations
of Ancient Babylonia

by Gavin White

Today our most obvious link to the ancient cultures of Babylonia is through the twelve constellations that make up the zodiac. The zodiac is, however, but a part of a much larger system of star-lore that could reveal so much about ancient man and his beliefs. Knowledge of this lore could provide many profound insights into how early civilizations viewed the gods, the nature of the universe and the destiny of mankind.
This book is the first of its kind, specifically written for the layman, to explore the constellations and star-lore of ancient Babylonia. It presents the idea that the constellation figures as a whole amount to a pictorial calendar that integrates various seasonal festivals – concerned with the mythic life-cycle of the sun, the farming and herding year, the institution of kingship and various rites directed towards the dead – into an elegant system that ultimately represents an archaic image of time itself.

The Introductory section describes the structure of the archaic cosmos, and then goes on to give an overview of the whole star-map.
The main body of the book is comprised of an A-Z gazette, which explores the names, appearances ans associated lore of each star and constellation in greater detail.
A set of appendices furnishes additional background information on the reconstruction of the Babylonian star-map, the history of star-lore in Mesopotamia, the calendar, the cuneiform writing system and the use of the stars in divination texts.

Beyond the familiar figures of the zodiac, the Babylonian constellations have laid in almost total obscurity for the last two thousand years. Here for the very first time the complete star-map is reconstructed and many of its secrets revealed, so that now the whole system of celestial symbolism can be restored to something approaching its former glory.

Pages: 324
Illustrations: 169 black & white drawings

10-digit ISNB: 09559037-0-X            13-digit ISNB: 978-0-9559037-0-0

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  1. Renna Shesso says:

    “Babylonian Star-Lore” is one of my favorite sky-references, so (belated) congrats on your new updated edition! My huge thanks for all your research, from Renna Shesso

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