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Map 1. Provisional Reconstruction of the Babylonian Star-Map

The following illustration is a provisional reconstruction of the Babylonian star-map that only utilises Babylonian evidence. Most of the remaining gaps can only be filled by resorting to sources found outside of the ancient Near East – this additional material … Continue reading


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Reconstructing the Babylonian Star-Map

The ultimate aim of this site is to make a reconstruction of the Babylonian star-map, as it would have been known in the 1st millennium BCE. This particular time-frame has been chosen for the simple reason that the earliest copies … Continue reading

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Solaria Publications is a small independent publisher based in London, England. Our goal as a publisher is to make available a variety of titles that concentrate on ancient religion and spirituality. Our specific area of interest could be broadly defined … Continue reading

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A New Interpretation of the Dendera Zodiac

A New Interpretation of the Dendera Zodiac  [The following extract is taken from ‘Babylonian Star-Lore, An Illustrated Guide to the Star-lore and Constellations of Ancient Babylonia’ by Gavin White] After the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE, the … Continue reading

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